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Indoor Rowing

  1. This is a Team Tournament – 4 players (Male & Female together – No age Criteria).
  2. The sport will be conducted on standard Indoor Rowing Machines.
  3. The Machines will be aligned with a software (displayed as boats on a screen) that will record the time taken to row and also display same for reference on a large screen so that the rowers and the audience can witness the race.
  4. As you row – the boat moves forward !
(a)Team Relay is a 1000 metre race.
(b)Each member of the team will row for 250 metres, leave the machine and allow the next rower to take over. The switch over time WILL be counted in your final timing.
(c)Fastest timing wins!
(d)In case of a dead heat (same timing) in the qualifying rounds – both teams move to the next round.
(e)In case of a dead heat (same timing) in the final – joint winners will be announced.
(f) Participants must wear sports clothing (track suits/ shorts and tshirts) and flat sport shoes (no heels will be allowed).
(g)The rowing machines will be available for a period of about 30 minutes before the starting of the event for any practice sessions that may be desired by the participants. Participants are encouraged to arrive early at the venue.
(h) The Winner and Runner Up of the finals will be awarded.
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