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    1. This will be a Singles tournament (Males and Females compete together – No age criteria)

You may register upto 3 participants in this category Separate

(a) The winner and runner up of the finals will be awarded
(b) For any debate point – the arbiter decision will be honoured
(c) Player will get 10 minutes (per player) + 2 seconds increment per move (Organisers will provide the clock)
(d) First illegal move will be declared lost. Claim a win to the arbiter if your opponent violates any of the following rules:
  1. Play after your opponent presses his clock in previous move  
  2. Pawn promotion: Move pawn to last rank & then replace it by a piece you want to promote it to
  3. Use only 1 hand to play, press clock, capture & castle, moving King first followed by the rook
  4. Touch to move  Play the same piece if you touch it
(e) Players can resign or claim a draw to the arbiter at any time
(f) Chess is a game of killer instinct. Agreed draw may be taken only after explaining the reason to the arbiter
(g) For any debate point – the arbiter decision will be honoured.
(h) Players will be declared lost if they speak, use mobile phones, keep their hand on or hover around the clock or bang pieces to disturb the opponent
(I) The Winner & Runner Up in the finals will be awarded.
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